It Took Courage for Me to Believe in Myself Again

Topics: Walking, Friends, Eye Pages: 2 (989 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Within a blink of an eye;
She walks along the beach with the summer wind blowing her hair, thinking her worlds perfect, Everything is going well for her. An A grade student and has been that way since her junior years. Most of her peers did not understand how her life was so perfect, the perfect grades, perfect family, perfect boyfriend. What she didn’t know was that in the blink of an eye her world was going to fall like a tonne of bricks. Yes That girl is me, I had the perfect life and it was taken away from me with in two seconds, sometimes it’s hard to accept what the future may hold but when it comes you have no choice but to accept what it is. Every Sunday afternoon I would walk to the shop get bread and milk for the following week. I would walk towards the end of my street, cross the main road and enter the local dairy store; it was the same routine every Sunday week but not this time. As I exited the store, from the corner of my eye I saw a tall. Dark skinned man with a sharp object in his hand, within the next few seconds was knocked to the ground face down plunged into the hard stoned concrete; there was a rushing pain to my head, felt like getting beaten with a hammer to the skull. I turned over unaware of exactly what happened to me, the piercing green eyes from this man were looking into my death, my brain was telling me this may be it, and this might be the end for me. Beating me with what seemed to be a metal pole and Bashing every inch of my body, bruising my limbs. Waking up in a place that wasn’t familiar to you is quite scary and daunting. The smell of sick patients, the anti-bacterial wash spread across every object in the room, made me feel dizzy and at unease of what had happened to me. My mother sitting beside my bed, brushing my silky brown hair, her hands smelt like lavender and daisy just like soap we used at home. Nothing compared to being at home in your own environment with the people you love most, but there was no way I was...
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