It Strategy at Bharti Airtel

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Enabling Business Strategy with IT for Bharti Airtel

Table of Contents
Basics of IT Systems3
A sample WEB collaboration5
Business Challenge5
Business Benefits6
The risks of growth6
Growth through flexibility7
Key Components8

Based in New Delhi, Bharti Airtel is India's largest private sector telecom operator and India's sixth largest company by market capitalization. Bharti Airtel is also the only operator to offer its services (mobile, fixed line and Internet access) in each of India’s 23 “circles,” or operating areas. While this wide service footprint made Bharti Airtel especially well positioned to capitalize on India's telecom boom, it also presented the company with significant challenges and risks in addressing this demand. In order to keep up, while also maintaining high levels of customer service, all the processes required to run its business from order management and service activation to those processes involved in the operation of its core network needed to run smoothly and in sync with each other. With the company approaching a new phase in its growth as a business, and with the need for a compelling user experience of utmost strategic importance, Bharti Airtel knew it needed to take a fundamentally new look at the way it created and managed its customer facing processes.

Basics of IT Systems:
Basic Objectives of IT Systems in an Organization are briefly described below:- 1. Decentralization: It is about decentralizing staff, ie, the spread of power from top authority to local branches or local offices. The power of Decision making spreads to local offices too. 2. Efficient Matrix of Regions and Networks:- The linking network should cover each and every stake-holder across all branches, with proper access based on authority. 3. Efficient Technology:- Technology used in the system should be robust, efficient and user-friendly. 4. Knowledge base:- The design should serve as a platform for knowledge-sharing. Various issues with their solutions can be shared among members. It could be fruitful in solving any similar issues and anytime 5. Initiatives and Suggestions:- It also serves as a platform for a continuous search for initiatives, suggestions, feedback and complaints. It helps the organization to look into the depth of any matter easily and quickly, and then strategize accordingly.

Following are some major Benefits of having IT Systems included in an organization:- 1. Cost effectiveness in a long run.
2. Effective utilization of time through organizing Video-Conferencing and using quicker mode of Transactions. 3. Continuous learning for the members as well as management through CRM, Defect Tracking Systems, Forums, etc. 4. Knowledge Retention is sustained and visited even after the lifetime of a project, which is possible through high storage facility of IT. 5. Global support round the clock.

6. Flexibility of the system increases due to the ease to modify and upgrade when and where required. 7. It offers better and efficient Storage.
8. It offers faster Service and increase Customer Satisfaction. 9. Efficient Backward and Forward Integration between Suppliers and Distributers to Customers. 10. Better communication between Internal Clients through email-communication results in a smooth functioning. All the above mentioned points give an organization a Competitive Edge over others. 11. Following are the Steps to implement IT Systems in an organization:- 12. Gathering complete understanding of the Requirements. It is done by the IT Architect. 13. Developing Functional Objective Report: Contents & Characteristics of Deliverables. 1. Careful Design of IT system and Documentation.

2. A test Database building.
3. Preparation of Interfaces(Screens) by Graphics Team and get approval. 4. Coding and Testing in the Developers end.
5. Final Implementation of the System at the...
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