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  • Published: October 6, 2013
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1. Introduction

E-Store allowsconsumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser.

Nowadays, E-Store is commonly used by most of the establishment. The technology today has allowed purchase of items and having transactions over the internet, hence the term E-commerce has been used to refer this kind of business transaction. Going directly to the store is a tedious and time-consuming activity. In the event that the product is already out-of-stock, it decreases the chance for the company to earn. Out-of-stock statuses are inevitable in the purchasing businesses especially when it is tied-up in consignment basis.The group is dedicated to improve the current system and quality of service of the company, it seeks to cater the needs of customers who do not have the luxury of time to go to malls or the city proper to purchase the desired design of bag the company has

Solar Industries is owned and operated by Mrs. ElisaDy Choi. The current factory is situated along the Capistrano Street. The company mainly manufactures bags, sports bags, backpacks, laptop bags, luggage bags, except for ladies’ bags. They also sell belts and souvenir items; do customized t-shirt printing for conventions and seminars.The company has 113 Branches in Mindanao. Their products are available to almost all departments store. They also cater wholesale orders and individual orders. The brands Champ and Racini are subsidiaries of the company.

The company made efforts to reach out to the market. They had strengthened their marketing campaigns by hiring famous personalities to model their products. The sales went up shortly, but continually decreased after the campaign. The company then tried to expand and consign with more department stores. But due to local and foreign brands being more recognized by buyers, the sales remained low.

1.1 Background of the Problem

The company single-handedly ships and delivers their products to the department stores where their goods are consigned in. Due to restrictions in logistics, the deliveries to the department stores are often delayed. The company frequently experiences customers looking for a particular design they wanted to buy but are currently not available for display. This is due to the reason that department stores limit the items for display for a particular brand and company, and also storage costs at department stores consigned in are getting expensive after a month’s period if the item is not sold. If a customer orders a particular model of an item, a lengthy process has to be undergone. The customer addresses her request to the saleslady and leaves a contact number with the request. The saleslady then relays the request to the sales supervisor, the supervisor contacts the company if the bag model’s availability. If the bag model is available, the company’s representative contacts the customer directly and informs the customer on the method of payment, shipping costs and the estimated time of arrival for the item to reach from the warehouse to the customer. This lengthy process is tedious and time consuming; an e-commerce website will simplify the process for both the company and the customer as the estimated time of arrival, shipping cost and method of payments is already known by the customer beforehand. The company also made efforts to be visible in the digital-sphere by creating a company profile on (, although this serves as a both promotion and an avenue for selling their products online, it is less efficient as a the SKUs (Stock-Keeping Unit) are displayed but the product details (e.g. quantity, and etc.) and the prices were not specified, the prospective customers would leave a comment or a pm (Personal Message) to the page , and the administrator for the site would reply to the customer for the information that the prospective customer inquired for, although doing this once, twice or...
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