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Topics: Wage, Employee benefit, Employment Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Case Study 9-1:

1. For inventorying AOL’s vast video library, AOL broke the task into micro tasks and put them up on a crowdsourcing website. People registered on the crowdsourcing website could look at the tasks available and choose what they wanted to do. Hence, AOL contracted out its work to various people outside the company. Thus the crowdsourcing used by AOL is a form of outsourcing.

2. Some of the steps that Maloney might have taken in order to ensure that the crowdsourcing was successful are: * Quantize the workload properly. The tasks must be divided properly and categorized. This would make it easier for people with certain specializations to find the task they are best at. * Provide competitive pay. A competitive wage will encourage the workers to work better hence not compromising on the quality of the product. * Promote and advertise the campaign. Promoting the crowdsourcing campaign would help in getting the message out to more people and hence find more talent more quickly. * Ensure that the work was being done right. Periodic inspections must be done to ensure that the quality of work was not being compromised.

3. Several factors should be considered while contemplating a crowdsourcing approach. First of all, it should be ensured that the task could be split up into micro tasks. It should be dividable such that even a layman could do each micro task without any prior training. Only such tasks that can be cut into small chunks can be crowdsourced. Next the cost of such an operation must be calculated. It must be ensured that crowdsourcing will provide more monetary gain rather than hiring full time employees without compromising on the quality. After the crowdsourcing project has been implemented, a dedicated team should vigorously monitor the work to ensure that quality is not being compromised.

4. Advantages:
* More cheaper than hiring permanent employees to get the job done. * Since a...
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