It Is Often Ok to Tell a Lie

Topics: Lie, Truth, Reason Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: November 2, 2012
It is often OK to tell a lie.
All of us has ever told a lie. We often do it to avoid some true, that may hurt a person or to the benefit of ourselves. Many psychologists confirm the fact, that in normal life people usually say untruth. So lying is an everyday occurrence. In my opinion, it is possible to lie, if the reason for it is serious disease of relative people, family member. Dоctоrs cоntinuоusly face an еthical dilеmma, tеll thе wholе truth of the situation, which can be telling people their loved one may die, or leave out details to provide a glimmer of hope. In case they lie it is called "white lies". In some countries doctors do not tell the sex of the future child to their future parents. Because some families do not want the birth of girl. So not tell the whole truth, doctors avoid abortion or problems in family. As for parents, they also lies to their children to protect them from the danger of surrounding world. I think, parents cannot tell the truth about their children's nasty illness and that, few days left before they die. People also lies, because they do not hurt another ones. It is always better to tell someone that they look nice even if they are not. In conclusion, being honest is important, but never lying is almost impossible. It is normal to tell lies, to avoid many kinds of problems. White lies are an example of lies told with a good intention.

It is often not OK to tell a lie.
Most of our time we spend talking to our friends, family, other people. Communication is an integral part of our life. Talking to each other we share information, feelings and emotion. I believe, that communication should be sincere and honest. However, most people often tell a lie, that make the situation more difficult. There are many reasons why lying is wrong. First of all, lying is bad, because it damage relationship between human beings. I think, we should trust and say truth to family members, friends and people we love and try not to...
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