It Is Often Claimed That the Process of Computerising Accounting Information Systems (Ais) and Telecommunicating Accounting Information over the Web Enhances the Accounting Functions in Business Organisations Operating

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Problem of increasing the profitability of the company, staff performance and creating an optimal governance structure is important for every manager. Decisions made under uncertainty and risks are often forces them to keep under control the various aspects of financial-economic activity. All this activity is displayed in the larger numbers of documents that contains diverse amount of information. If everything is properly treated and systematized it is away to guarantee the effective management. “ “Technology is rapidly changing the nature of the work of most accountants and auditors”(Gellinas, Dull, Wheeler 2012: 2) Implementation of accounting packages and programs allows automating not only accounting, but also clean up the supply and the distribution of goods, track contacts, quickly calculate wages and spend less time on producing reports. In this assignment I will discuss the pros and cons of accounting information system and telecommunicating accounting information over the web and provide certain evidence. Also security concerns are going to be discussed and a number of solutions will be provided.

The use of computers makes it possible to effectively solve the problem of analytical accounting. For instance if you are using paper forms you need to increase the number of records of employees, however in the presence of computer technology it is possible to conduct analytical accounting to any level of detail and a wide range of analytical facilities. Most of the problems are solved in the application of computers automatically. While using paper forms, accounting data storage operations in the accounting records, the calculation results and the transfer of a data requires human labor and is always associated with an errors, computer programs are performing much better and without human intervention.

Accounting information systems (also called AIS) are a set of components, which interacts, to achieve a certain goal. AIS collect record, store and...
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