It Is Not Neurosurgery

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It’s Not Neurosurgery
Neurosurgery has existed since before the times of the Incas. Some evidence even dates it back to 3000 B.C. Africa (“Neurosurgery”). Even though neurosurgery has been around for thousands of years, and technology dealing with neurosurgery has advanced, its main intention has not changed as time progressed. Surgeons are physicians, which work to right deformities, fix injuries, and stop diseases (“Surgeon”). Neurosurgeons are just specialized surgeons. Today these surgeons are demanded to treat and to operate on the spinal cord, the nerves, and the brain. Neurosurgeons are capable of treating countless problems, from Parkinson’s disease to use stem cells to relieve paralysis stricken patients (“Neurosurgeon;” “Neurosurgery”). Although neurosurgeons have to spend multiple years specializing, neurosurgery makes an optimal career for students interested in health care. Prospecting students must learn skills and use already obtained skills to develop into a neurosurgeon. As stated before, neurosurgeons are doctors who treat problems occurring in the brain and nerves. Using numerous machines, for example the CAT scan and the MRI, neurosurgeons save countless lives. The main function of the bio- medical machines is to “provide detailed anatomic pictures of the brain, spinal structures and the blood vessels” (“Neurosurgeon”). With the use of these machines, neurosurgeons can see where tumors and locate cancers as well. One will need to use tools, as well as these machines. Neurosurgeons must know how to use a scalpel and be comfortable cutting into another human being (“Neurosurgeon”). Most of the work that neurosurgeons do is cutting into other people, be it in the head or the back. Anyone interested in neurosurgery should enjoy “helping people; science and technology; anatomy; learning and discovery; problem solving…” (“Health”). From solving problems to helping people, neurosurgeons have to enjoy what they do. If one does not take pleasure in any of these things, he is should not become a neurosurgeon. Neurosurgeons spend most of their day on their feet performing surgeries, so they are inclined to have stamina and have in interest in neurosurgery. If one enjoys righting irregularities, this career is for him (Muraszko). Surgeons, in general, are on call every day, so stamina is a major part in choosing neurosurgery as a career. Surgeons, in general, spend years in extra education, so they must be studious as well (Santiago). Not only does one need innate skills to become a neurosurgeon, excellent grades and test scores are also required. Future neurosurgeons should also have certain grades and test scores for medical school admission, most of which either make or break one’s choice of becoming a neurosurgeon. Preparation in becoming a neurosurgeon reaches back to high school. If one wants to become a neurosurgeon, some recommended high school preparation would be four years of English, four years of science, four years of social studies, four years of math, and three to four years of a foreign language. Courses in statistics and computer science are advised as well (“Health”). A good foundation is never a bad thing; it will help one through college and through life as well. Even though good grades aid one’s admission into a medical school, they are not the only thing needed. One does not need straight “As” in order to get into medical school. Medical schools look at one’s MCAT scores and cumulative grade point average (“Health”). One’s grade point average is an important factor in attending one medical school or another. The MCAT is another thing that medical schools look at. The Medical College Application Test (MCAT) is a test taken in the third year of college, and it assesses critical thinking, problem solving, and other skills of writing. It contains three 15 question tests (Singh). Doing well on the MCAT will play an important part in getting into a first-class...
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