It Is More Important for Students to Read Books About Real Events Than It Is for Them to Read Novels.

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  • Published : July 22, 2011
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Topic: It is more important for students to read books about real events than it is for them to read novels. Reading has an incredible impact on people's life because we are reading everyday and most of our knowledge comes from books. Some people claim that reading books about real things is more important for students than reading fictions. But I think it's a one-sided view. In my opinion, I think reading books about both real events and novels is necessary and equally important. Real events will inspire the reader who has a similar experience. Readers will build their confidence again if they find that the leading character in the book also went though the same trials and finally create a better life. For example, many disabled people become optimistic after they read What would you look at if you had just three days of sight? by Helen Keller. The intangible power of books is the treasure of many growing adolescents. Second, reading books about real events can give students consciousness of poverty and low-class. For example, many excellent and realistic reportages reveal the bad situation of blue collar workers. They usually are confined in a very small and simple dormitory which many people lived together. There is no air conditioner or private space, only some fans and cooking utensils. Their children often face discrimination in the school because their parents engaged in physical labor. Reportages can help bring concentrations and sympathies to these low-class people and hopefully can change the current situation. In addition, these kind of books are very educational to students and may stimulate them to contribute to public benefit service. In the same way, novels also have the same effect as the real events. There are always several novels in everyone's life that fascinate them and give them power when they are in adversity. For example, A tale of two cities by Charles Dickens shocked many people when it first published, it reflects the tragic fact of...
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