It Is Important for Students to Read Books About Real Events Than It Is for Them to Read Novels. Agree or Disagree.

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  • Published : August 5, 2012
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It is important for students to read books about real events than it is for them to read novels. Agree or disagree. Nowadays with advancement in education system many schools are adapting different ways to educate or teach students. Many new teaching techniques have been adapted by various schools in recent years. This new system not only generates knowledge among students but also make things easier to learn. I disagree with this point that students should indulge themselves into reading real events than reading novels as both have different perspective and both will be effective for a student in different ways. Firstly, reading a novel is not a necessity for any student other than watching movies on television if they are devoting their time in reading a novel, teacher and parents should be happy about it after all it will help improve reading skills of a student. Many times reading course book or books on real events doesn’t interest child more, so if a child with learning or reading difficulties takes interest in reading them we should encourage. In addition, many famous Nobel Prize winners and many literature works are associated with novels, so reading their books will actually help a student to improve their knowledge and skill about these great people. Furthermore, if any student wishes to take literature as their subject to graduate in college then for him or her it rather becomes a necessity to read novels. Finally, though reading books on real events is also equally important but many real life events are presented or we become aware about it through television in the news or through internet. And nowadays with so much of advancement students are already well equipped with many technical facilities like YouTube on internet with which they become aware of real life events even prior to teachers or parents. So reading books on same will not be different. All in all, I would like to conclude that though reading newspaper everyday or watching news...
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