It Is Good for Children to Have Two Working Parents

Topics: Full-time, Part-time, Family Pages: 2 (317 words) Published: September 13, 2012

In today’s world, the price of necessity is expensive. It is very important for every people to have a job, either part-time job or full time job. There are several reasons why people do the job, such as looking for experience, using their spare time, and the especially reason is money. Everyone should have a job because without money, people cannot live.

Presently, the world has changed into globalization period and culture, food, clothes, economic, politic, and education sign it. Due to the change, not only father but also mother have a job. Mother has to work dual everyday, both in the office and home become housewife. It is good for them to work because they can make more money. Primarily, they are able to use the money for their children’s education. For example, parents can send their children to the high quality school. With the high quality school, children have a good future so parents need not worried. Secondly, parents look after their children’s health. For example, parents afford to buy some healthy foods for their children and have enough money for treatment in the hospital. In addition, they will have more money then they are able to spend the spare money for entertainment. For example, father can use for playing golf and mother can use for shopping.

On the other hand, two working parents develop their country indirectly. They have to pay more tax for their job. If all of the family has two working parents, surely their country will be more improve to be better. Moreover, father and mother can enlarge the relationship with other people when they are working.

In summary, that is very important for family to have two working parents because they need more money to fulfill their family necessity and survive their lives.

Silvia Andiani


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