It Is Difficult to Remain a Bystander in Any Situation of Conflict

Topics: Novel, The Secret River, The Clash Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: March 14, 2011
In Conflict there are those who choose to sit on the side and ignore or turn a blind eye to the situation at hand. Bystanders that do so are often overpowered by the pressures of conflict and are forced to take part in the conflict or create another further complicating the matters involved. When a Bystanders values and opinions are challenged indirectly they generally shrug the opposing value and opinion off, ignoring the actions or words that have challenge them, but an individual can only do this for so long, quickly falling into the pit of conflict. During the Course of conflict there are also individuals that crumble to the persistent clashes, which can lead to one being so overwhelmed that they must choose a new path in order to continue, which may often create another conflict. Individuals may also be forced to take part in these rash situations in order to keep their higher prioritized values in a sense of calm, which is why some bystanders also turn towards the path of conflict. However there are also those Bystanders who are indirectly the cause for the clashes; they may be the reason why another is involved in conflict or the reason why one must create conflict, making them a bystander in some sense, but included in another.

People often find themselves engulfed in conflict whether they like it or not. Bystanders in conflict choose to sit on the edge and withstand or ignore the indirect missiles that set aim towards one’s values or opinions, whilst doing so they are only delaying the inevitable which is falling to the pressures of conflict. This is much like Blackwood from the novel ‘The Secret River’ where he finds himself ignoring smasher’s rude and foul actions and remarks, up until a point where he can no longer withstand it caving in to the pressures of conflict erupting into a violent clash with smasher, Which is why bystanders who choose to sit on the edge of conflict only make it difficult for them to remain a bystanders regardless of the...
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