It Is Difficult to Remain a Strong Sense of Identity in Our Society

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  • Published : March 23, 2013
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English Speech
Hi I'm Maddy and I'm here today to explain why I think that it IS difficult to maintain a strong sense of individual identity in our society. It’s quite often very difficult to maintain a strong sense of your individual identity in this society, it’s a natural instinct for most people to want to feel acceptance into society. We all feel the need to change and leave the parts of us that make us who we are to conform to people’s expectations.
Society has become a crucial influence on who we are and how we are perceived. We can never truly be our selves because of the constant fear criticism and judgement that comes with it. Everyone has something about them that makes them who they are but they feel they need to hide it from people because they fear of rejection and embarrassment. This fear can sometimes make us change how we act around certain people and we can end up forgetting who we are.

In the book growing up Asian in Australia there is a story in there about a young boy named Sunil. He tried to change his to Neil because it’s a more westernized name and he thinks it would make him fit in better. This is not the case. Changing your name won’t change who you are as a person and personally I actually like the name Sunil better than Neil anyway. Sure changing your name might stop some of the teasing but sooner or later you will realise that you don’t have to change who you are to gain friends. As Gandhi once said “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” I think this relates to Sunil’s’ story because he ends up realising that he doesn’t need to change his name to be accepted.

In the song ‘This is who I am” by Vanessa Amorosi it says “Well it's alright to be myself Now I've Learned To Stand, Well it’s OK to be just who I am I've spent years really hating me longing to be friends Now I hope that you can understand, this Is Who I Am”. I think these lyrics are really...
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