. It Is Better for Children to Grow Up in the Countryside Than in a Big City. Do You Agree or Disagree? Use Specific Reasons and Examples to Develop Your Essay.

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  • Published : July 15, 2011
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As our society develops, people are paying more and more attention to children's education and growth and that's where the controvercy arises. Some people claim that it's very beneficial for children to grow up in the countryside due to the fact that the less polluted environment, friendly people and less pressure from daily life and so forth is helpful for children in terms of physical and mental health. However, the opponents demonstrate that the countryside is poor in educational facilities and fewer opportunities can be found there, which are essential to children's future development. Personally, I think the latter is favourable. Firstly, the city provides better education to children, advantageous in choices of schools and educational facilities. Education, undoubtedly, plays a critical role in children' growth, which is closely related to the formation of their characters, accumulation of knowledge and intellectual development. With ample funds and more qualified teachers, schools in the cities are able to provide the first-class education facilities, such as multi-functional classrooms, advanced sports facilities, music rooms equipped with stereo system as well as creat an English-speaking environment, which is much helpful for students to have a good mastery of English and foreign cultures. In comparison, many schools in the countryside only have one teaching building and a small playground, without any advanced media equipments, let alone the swimming pool, basketball courts, etc. As a consequence, students who used to study in the countryside can't catch up with their fellows once they transfer to schools in the cities in almost every aspect. Secondly, the big city offers children wide exposure to modern technolony, science, diverse cultures and more opportunites to participate in various kinds of instructive activities. Through visiting the museums, children will deepen their understanding of ancient arts, different cultures, customs and history;...
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