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Name:Muhammad Qasim

Program:MBA (Evening)

Course:IT for Managers

Faculty:Faisal Saleem Mushabbar

Project Report on
Hinopak Motors Limited
Import Department

Announced Date:Sunday 13-07-2008

Due Date:Friday 25-07-2008


• Introduction of Hinopak Motors Limited

• Organizational Chart of Hinopak Motors Limited

• Import Department Chart of Hinopak Motors Limited

• Import Process Flow of Hinopak Motors Limited

• Existing MIS and Proposal

• Hardware Evaluation Factors

• Software Evaluation Factors

• Glossary

• Recommendations


Hino Motors Japan and Toyota Tsusho Corporation in Collaboration with AL-Futtain Group of UAE and PACO Pakistan formed Hinopak Motors Limited in 1986.

In 1998, Hino Motors Ltd., and Toyota Tsusho Corporation obtained majority shareholding in the company after disinvestments by the other two founding sponsors. This decision to invest in Hinopak at a time when the country's economy was passing through a depression and the sale of commercial vehicles was at an all time low reflects the confidence our Principals have in our company and their commitment to the Pakistani market. Hinopak is the trusted market leader with over 65% share in the Pakistani Truck and Bus industry. Hinopak a vital contributor in saving of foreign exchange is also providing jobs and plays a pivotal role for the development of the local industry through its progressive manufacturing.

Organizational Chart


Import Department Chart

| | | | | | |S. No. |System |Current |Proposal | |1 |Firewall | |Π | |2 |Web Server Farm | |Π | |3 |Database Server |Π | | |4 |Storage Area Network |Π | | |5 |Back-Office Application Server |Π | | |6 |Access Control & Security | | | | |Access Control |Π | | | |Authentication |Π | | | |Security Measures |Π | | |7 |Profiling and Personalizing | | | | |Profile Management |Π | | | |Personalization |Π | | | |Behavior Tracking...
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