It Flowcharts

Topics: Presentation program, Spreadsheet, Microsoft PowerPoint Pages: 25 (3489 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Foundation of Information Technology
Sample Summative Assessment - Term II
(Code No: 165)
Class IX

Max Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 90


|1 |Rimika wants to ensure that there is consistency in design and color in the presentation that she is making. What should she |1 | | |do to achieve this? | | |2 |Nilesh Aiyar is interested in storing his salary details and he also wants to perform some calculations and analysis. Which |1 | | |Office application, will you suggest Nilesh should use for this purpose? | | |3 |Technoware Systems wants to train its sales personnel so that they can create a slideshow for their customers showing the |1 | | |product range offered by the company. State two features of presentation software that will make the presentation interesting.| | | | | | |4 |Slide Transition and Custom animations are two options available in Presentation Tools. Which of these options helps you to |1 | | |include special effects on various text boxes and images during designing a slide? | | |5 |Kanan wants to see all the slides in her presentation simultaneously. Suggest which view she should use to see all the slides |1 | | |simultaneously. | | |6 |Out of the following external file(s), which one(s) will help you include sound in your presentation? |1 | | | | | | |JPEG, WAV, GIF, BMP, MP3 | | |7 |The formula in cell A2 is =B2+C3. On copying this formula to cell C2, what will the formula be? |1 | |8 |What will be the cell address of the cell formed by the intersection of the ninth column and the eighth row? |1 | |9 |Give an example of mixed referencing with respect to spreadsheet software. |1 | |10 |Solil Harrit wants to insert graphics objects in his presentation. Give him names of two graphics objects which he can insert |1 | | |in his presentation. | | |11 |What extra hardware is required for adding and testing narration in a presentation Tool? |1 | |12 |Out of the following list pick out the option(s) that is not a type of Plagiarism: |1 | | |Adding New Content, Potluck Paper, Ghost Writer, Photocopy | | |13 |In Spreadsheet software, what is the column immediately next to column “Z”? |1 | |14 |What is the default extension of a workbook created using a spreadsheet package? Give your answer with reference to any one |1 | |...
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