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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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Week 8 : Wk8 - Final Exam

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1. (TCO A) Based on the examples in the chapter, if you were asked to formulate a plan for a regional drive-in restaurant chain's efforts to use information technology to develop a loyal customer base, what would be the best use of information technology from the list below? (Points : 8) |        Use IT to increase supplier loyalty.

       Use IT to increase operational efficiency.
       Use IT to create new products and business models.        Use IT to achieve customer intimacy.
2. (TCO B) ________ are visual tools for presenting performance data in a BI system. (Points : 8) |        Dashboards and scorecards
       Parameterized reports
       Reports and the drill-down feature
       Scenarios and models
3. (TCO C) The type of logical database model that treats data as if they were stored in two-dimensional tables is the (Points : 8) |        OODBMS.
       pre-digital DBMS.
       relational DBMS.
       hierarchical DBMS.
4. (TCO D) IT staffing is reduced in a cloud computing environment because (Points : 8) |        There is less infrastructure to manage and maintain.        There is a reduction in local software installation on individual work-stations        Most services required are available from the cloud        All of the above

5. (TCO E) Which of the following factors provides an understanding of why computing resources today are ever more available than in previous decades? (Points : 8) |        network economics
       law of mass digital storage and Moore's law
       declining communications costs, universal standards, and the Internet        all of the above
6. (TCO F) Change is (Points : 8) |
       not welcome in any methodologies
       accepted often using traditional methodologies
       a foundational principle of agile...
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