It Doesn't Matter Case Study

Topics: Computer, Information technology, Cloud computing Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: February 7, 2013
This is information era. The evolution of human society from agricultural society to industrial society, and to today’s information technology society, shows that information technology is playing a more and more important role. People who can access to information the most quickly would be the winners in the market. With the continuous development of consumer demand, and the progress of information technology industry, IT has been widely existed in every corner of the modern commercial society. We use computers to work, use software to improve the efficiency of information processing, use the Internet to transfer information, use E-mail and other technics to achieve efficient communication. We can say that the development of information technology promotes the development of the whole industry.

According to Carr that information technology’s power and ubiquity grows, its strategic importance diminishes. I agree with this statement to some extends.
Like electric power in the past: the discovery of electric brought the second industrial revolution to the world. Nowadays, people cannot imagine life without electric. Electricity is everywhere and it is easily available. But it doesn't mean that electricity is no longer important. It means that the market value of electric has changed tremendously. The market of infrastructure construction of electric is saturated. People are charging for using electric which was offered by electric power companies.

IT is on the same way. Nowadays, people are building their own “electric plants” in their companies. The trend of the market is that there will be professional “IT plant companies” who can provide the techniques to every industry. Different kinds of industry are more and more relying on information technology. What people really need in the IT-era is not super computer and software, but the information. Companies invest in IT infrastructure to achieve the information, process the information and...
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