It Can Wait Cell Phone Fate

Topics: Mobile phone, Mobile phones and driving safety, Text messaging Pages: 4 (1346 words) Published: April 24, 2013
It Can Wait--Cell Phone Fate
Gena Reynolds
ENG 215
May 27, 2012
Dr. Hooper-Simanga

In a very technical world where we can do anything with the touch of a button can it be very helpful, but when using technology while driving such as cell phones can be hazardous and dangerous to all whom use them and other drivers.

It Can Wait--Cell Phone Fate
Cell phone usage while driving is a very sensitive subject especially when it comes to texting and driving. Some states already have laws against texting and driving and there are other states that do not have a law against cell phone use while driving. Although driving while using a cell phone has caused a lot of deaths and accidents, 2,600 a year to be exact, there still has not been a standardized law passed (Sherzan, 2010). Therefore, it is important that we address this issue and create a solution or multiple solutions to prevent any further deaths or injuries due to cell phone use while driving. Since cell phones are hazardous and a distraction to drivers, there should be a standardized law passes by law makers. Most of us are neither pilots nor astronauts. We are not trained to steer large, hurtling hulks of steel and gasoline while manipulating small computers. So there's something blindingly obvious about the risks of texting while driving. Yet research shows that driving while simply talking on a cell phone--including using hands-free technology--can prove dangerous, even deadly. And even though the common assumption is that hands-free technology has mitigated the more dangerous side effects of cell-phone use--it's just like talking to someone sitting next to you, isn't it?--a series of 2007 simulator tests conducted by Strayer seems to indicate the opposite. A passenger acted as another set of eyes for the driver in the test and even stopped or started talking depending on the difficulty of conditions outside the car. Meanwhile, half the drivers talking on a hands-free phone failed,...
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