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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Course:| BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT|
Unit8| E-Commerce|
Start Date| Task feedback dates| Final Results Date|
Monday 25th March| See the Schedule | Friday 21st June|

What it’s about
At the end of this unit you will:

1. Know the technologies required for an e-commerce system 2. Understand the impact of e-commerce on organisations
3. Understand the effects of e-commerce on society
4. Be able to plan e-commerce strategies.
Sir George Monoux LRC Resources

ISBN| Author| Title| Year|
273683780| Chaffey, Dave| E-Business and E-Commerce management| 2004| 764583344| Holden, Greg| Starting an online business for dummies| 2005| 2884790217| Holzschlag, Molly E| Design your own e-shop| 2004| 1411646894| Alhadeff, Rodrigo| Succeeding in E-Commerce: insider advice and practical tips| 2005| 141163764X| Kernek, Al| Put your business online: how to create and promote a successful low-cost website, a complete step-by-step guide for small businesses, entrepreneurs and realtors| 2005| 1578203120| Reynolds, Janice| The complete E-Commerce book: design, build and maintain a successful web-based business| 2004| 131854615| Turban, Efraim| Electronic commerce 2006: a managerial perspective| 2005|

Website Resources you may be using:

A guide for businesses on distance selling

Beginners guide to e-commerce

If you enjoy this unit…
Systems/business analyst : Range of typical starting salaries: £20,000 - £26,000 IT consultant: Range of typical starting salaries: £22,000 - £30,000 Systems designer: Range of typical starting salaries: £27,000 - £35,000 Goto and search by job title for further details

Ecommerce entrepreneur : between -£1000’s to + £100000’s in the first year.....
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