It 273 Unit 1

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Unit 1 Assignment

Download this document to your computer before filling it out. Each of the responses below should be appropriately filled in and the document saved again before submitting to the Unit 1 Dropbox. Be certain to answer each question completely.

Unit 1 Assignment

Outcomes practiced in the assignment

• Describe some of the technological challenges created by computers and technology • Explain the digital divide
• Define the term “computer literate”
• Understand how becoming computer literate can help you in your career

Course Outcomes practiced in this unit:

• IT190-1: Demonstrate operating systems software functionality • IT190-3: Understand competiveness and collaboration in a global economy

Unit 1 is a Master Learning Unit. A Master Learning Unit presents an opportunity for you to grow and improve as a student. In order to qualify for Master Unit Grading you must:

• Respond to all questions
• Make a determined first attempt
• Cite your responses
• Submit your assignment on time

If you meet the above criteria, your instructor will grade your assignment, and return. If your assignment needs improvement, you will receive feedback and then be allowed to resubmit.

Once you have received recommendations for improvement, you have 72 hours to resubmit your assignment for grading. If you do not make the recommended changes within the 72 hours, your original assignment will be graded.

*It is the student’s responsibility to periodically check the Gradebook for recommendations for improvement. Your instructor may not contact you once your assignment has initially been graded; therefore, it is very important that you regularly check the Gradebook once you have submitted your assignment as the 72 hours begins once your instructor has submitted his or her recommendations. The instructor can grade your assignment at any time once it has been submitted. He or she does not need to wait until the due date/time to grade your assignment!

Do not forget, whenever you look up information, you need to cite your sources! Please copy and paste the full URL of any website you use in researching your answers to the following questions. If you use your book, please place the page number from your book in parentheses next to the answer.


1. This chapter lists many ways that knowing about computers (or becoming computer literate) will help you. Do some research on your career choice using sites such as CareerBuilder® or Yahoo! ® Jobs®. What type of computer skills are employers looking for in your chosen career? (If you are unsure of your career concentration, select something that interests you, and do your research on that career.)

a. What is your career choice?

b. List 5 computer skills employers are seeking in your career area.

c. Explain how you believe this course will help you to begin your path in achieving the skills required for your chosen career (Minimum 100 words)


d. From the KU Campus, click on My Studies, choose the Academic Support Center, Click on Writing, Reference Library, select research Citation and Plagiarism, and select Kaplan University’s Plagiarism Policy.

i. What happens if you are caught plagiarizing material while you are a student at Kaplan? Be sure to indicate what happens for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd offense. (Paraphrase your response – Do not copy!)

ii. There are 3 specific times when quoting is appropriate. Find the Basic Citation Guidelines. Please explain (in your own words) when direct quotes should be used.

iii. What is the difference between paraphrasing and summarizing?

e. Find one other source that defines plagiarism.

i. What is the URL?
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