It 244 Appendix F

Topics: Access control, Mandatory access control, Virtual private network Pages: 4 (901 words) Published: February 20, 2012
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Appendix F

Access Control Policy

Student Name: Katelyn Sims

Axia College

IT/244 Intro to IT Security

Instructor’s Name: Jennifer McLaughlin

Date: 11/22/2011

Access Control Policy

Due in Week Seven: Outline the Access Control Policy. Describe how access control methodologies work to secure information systems

1 Authentication

Describe how and why authentication credentials are used to identify and control access to files, screens, and systems. Include a discussion of the principles of authentication such as passwords, multifactor authentication, biometrics, and single-sign-on.

Authentication of an individual to access and use files, systems, and screens is vital to lower risks of anyone hacking into the system and stealing from the company. It also greatly lowers the risk of viruses as well as system failures. They are used to monitor who is accessing the information, what they are permitted access to, and the location they are accessing from. Using authentication services gives answers to each of these vital questions. Three factor authentication is known as biometrics. Biometrics is where fingerprint, voice, or retina scans are used to grant access. A further type of authentication is what is known as cryptography. There are two kinds of cryptography, a public key and a private key. A private key uses the secret key to encrypt data from the sender and then uses the same secret key, given to another user before the data is sent, in order to decipher the encryption. A public key is shared with all persons receiving the data, and uses a private key that is kept secret to identify the sender. A single sign on is when all systems that are accessible to a user are logged into at the same time. When the user logs off the program terminates any obtainable access to the system to ensure no one else can use their computer and gain access.

2 Access control strategy

1 Discretionary access...
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