It/244 Appendix D

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  • Published : May 3, 2012
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Appendix D

Disaster Recovery Plan

Student Name: Christopher McCleary

University of Phoenix

IT/244 Intro to IT Security

Instructor’s Name: Mr. Romel Rausa Llarena

Date: 4/15/12

Disaster Recovery Plan

Due in Week Three: For your selected scenario, describe the key elements of the Disaster Recovery Plan to be used in case of a disaster and the plan for testing the DRP.

1 Risk Assessment

1 Critical business processes

List the mission-critical business systems and services that must be protected by the DRP.

Company 1: The Bloom Design Group - The mission critical business systems and services that must be protected would be the customer, suppliers, and business information, credit card or banking information made for purchases of paint and other supplies. Business database systems also must be protected. All the company and Website applications must also be protected under the DRP.

2 Internal, external, and environmental risks

Briefly discuss the internal, external, and environmental risks, which might be likely to affect the business and result in loss of the facility, loss of life, or loss of assets. Threats could include weather, fire or chemical, earth movement, structural failure, energy, biological, or human.

The risks that could be involved are natural disasters such as Earthquakes, structural failure, fires, extreme weather creating floods or blizzard like conditions, and loss of power or shortage.

2 Disaster Recovery Strategy

Of the strategies of shared-site agreements, alternate sites, hot sites, cold sites, and warm sites, identify which of these recovery strategies is most appropriate for your selected scenario and why.

The DRP strategy that would best fit the Bloom Design Group would be the shared-site agreements because this offers this small company an additional place to store...
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