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Topics: IP address, Subnetwork, Classless Inter-Domain Routing Pages: 4 (1476 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Moving Forward; the Acme Corporation
Robert Held
March 11th, 2012
Jessica Partin-Sawyers

Moving Forward; the Acme Corporation

Acme Manufacturing plans to vault themselves atop the manufacturing industry by branching out and expanding their manufacturing line as well as their sales and marketing tactics. In order to do that, Acme needs to vamp up their network, streamline the communication between facilities, and make everything more logical and efficient. With locations globally, a WAN is needed to group the entities into one network so data can pass securely from office to office.

The diagram indicates what the new WAN should look like. The proposed network needs to be capable of sharing files, connecting handheld devices wirelessly, supporting a server, and must have the ability to run VoIP for communication. The sales staff and individual members of the administrative taskforce may require mobile access to the network from time to time and that need must be fulfilled with the new network proposition. Each site will be addressed separately since each facility has specialized requirements. The Cisco lines of products (firewalls, routers, VoIP, and access points) were specifically chosen for the new network for their superiority and longevity. Cisco offers products and proprietary software that cannot be found in other brands. Security is very important to Acme. All wireless and remote access will be granted only to company-provided devices. That will be mandated by MAC address filtering. VPN logins will be handled by S/Key Authentication; meaning a password is taken off a preconfigured list and then discarded (only used once then the next password on the list is valid). All local logins will be the standard username and password with the exception that all passwords must be alpha-numeric and contain at least one capital letter. The username will be last name and then first name with no spaces and capitalized first letter of both. My login...
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