It 241 Week 5 Chk Point

Topics: Wireless network, Wireless, Wireless access point Pages: 2 (302 words) Published: May 9, 2013
TO: Pam Smith, Information Service Executive
FROM: John Smith, Network Administrator
SUBJECT: Wireless Network Site Survey Justification
Over the past two years we have been able to deployment three major network upgrades successfully without any major problems, all through proper planning. Recently, your proposed wireless network deployment timeline will not allow my staff to adequately plan proper designing and deployment without conducting a site survey. Not have one will present series of hurdles, such as uncertain access point placement, which may cause unreliable service performance. Before we are willing to make substantial investments, I would like a site survey to guarantee strong signal strength. Using this report will dictate the exact number of access points needed and their placement throughout the building. By lengthening the time will allow our team to use special tools to ensure a complete building coverage. Consequences of not conducting Site Survey

Weak signal strength
Improper access Point Location
Building structural Interference
Benefits of a Site Survey
It will determine which wireless system is best suited for certain locations •It will determine which wireless system is best suited for the application •It will determine what potential sources of interference are in this building •It will determine if a line-of-sight exist between antennas •It will tell where the WAP should be located so that it is as close as possible to clients During the site survey we will use various tools to help us discover regions where multipath distortion can occur and where RF interference is high and find solutions to eliminate such issues. Also these tools will assists us in determining the right wireless devices to meet our business requirements. Tools Needed

Site Survey Analyzers
Spectrum Analyzers
Network Analyzers
We cannot put a timeframe on being better prepared for a more responsive wireless network solution....
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