It 240 Week 9

Topics: Computer network, Local area network, Knowledge Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Capstone Discussion Question
· Due Date: Day 3 [Main] forum
· Post your response to the following: Reflecting on what you have learned, would you feel comfortable setting up a local area network? Why or why not?

I definitely have a better understanding of the IT World now, being in this class.  As listed before in my biography, i was mainly involved in mainframe repair and communications.  This has shown me a new direction that computers are in line with now.  My current job will not allow me to do any IT work, however, I can be along side the IT administrators and watch what they are doing to gather further knowledge and experience.  In answering the question, "do I feel comfortable to set up a local area network?", I feel that i could do a good job setting one up. With some key planning and assistance with those who have the experience doing this I feel that I would be successful setting one up.  Then after some time, I will set up a small server in my home to see how this goes.


I believe this class has provided me with some fantastic tools. I understand networks and how they operate on a completely new level. I understand how larger networks and networks stretched around the world operate.

The question being asked is if I feel comfortable setting up a local area network. I have done so for small businesses (five workstations, no servers, and one printer). I even set up a small LAN in my home but when confronted with the task like in our final project my confidence lessens greatly. Creating something like this on paper is one thing but actually doing it is something else.

I believe anyone who says they are ready after taking this class and without other training, is kidding themselves. It takes on the job training, working with experts to learn the specifics, and just doing it a few times before one can fully be ready to tackle something like this alone.
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