It 240 Week 2 Osi Model Key

Topics: OSI model, OSI protocols, Internet Protocol Suite Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: April 30, 2013
OSI Model Key Terms Table Appendix C


1. Physical Layer – is the 1st layer of the OSI or bottom layer, transmits and receives signals and specifies the physical details of cables, NICs, connectors, and hardware behavior. 2. Data Link Layer – is the 2nd layer of the OSI model and is responsible for managing access to the network medium and delivery of data frames from sender to receiver or from sender to and intermediate device, such as a router. 3. Network Layer- is the 3rd layer of the OSI model handles logical addressing and routing of PDU’s across internetworks. 4. Transport Layer – is the 4th layer of the OSI model and is responsible for reliable delivery of data streams across a network. Layer 4 protocols break large streams of data into smaller chunks and use sequence numbers and acknowledgment to provide communication and flow control. 5. Session Layer – is the 5th layer of the OSI model and is responsible for setting up , maintaining, and ending communication sequences( called sessions) across a network. 6. Presentation Layer – is the 6th layer of the OSI model, data can be encrypted and /or compressed to facilitate delivery. Platform-specific application formats are translated into generic data formats for transmission or from generic data formats into platform-specific application formats for delivery to the Application layer. 7. Application Layer – is the 7th layer of the OSI model, provides interfaces that enable applications to request and receive network services. 8. Signaling – Method for utilizing electrical, light, energy, or radio waves to convey data in between networked computers 9. Synchronous – uses a clock signal to arrange communications in between devices 10. Asynchronous – this does not uses a clock signal in it 11. Bandwidth – is the amount of details in which can be carried on a given transmitting medium. 12. Point-to-point topology – A topology in which cabling creates a direct...
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