It/210 Appendix G

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  • Published : January 23, 2013
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Associate Program Material
Appendix G

Sequential and Selection Process Control Structure

In the following example, the second line of the table specifies that tax due on a salary of $2,000.00 is $225.00 plus 16% of excess salary over $1,500.00 (that is, 16% of $500.00). Therefore, the total tax is $225.00 + $80.00, or $305.00.

Salary Range in DollarsBase Tax in DollarsPercentage of Excess 1.10.00-1,499.990.0015 %
2.21,500.00-2,999.99225.0016 %
3.33,000.00-4,999.99465.0018 %
4.45,000.00-7,999.99825.0020 %
5.58,000.00-14,999.991425.0025 %

First Name
Last Name
Gross SalaryGet user InputFirst Name
Last Name
Gross Salary
Gross Salary
Determine Range CategorySalary Range
Salary Range Category
Percentage of Excess Base TaxDetermine Base Tax and Percentage of ExcessPercentage Excess Total Base Tax Net SalaryDetermine Net SalaryNet Salary
First Name
Last Name
Gross Salary
Net SalaryDisplay Net SalaryFull Name
Gross Salary
Net Salary

Main Module

Declare name as string
Declare salary as real
Declare excess as real
Declare base as real
Call input data module
Call salary range module
Call range1 module
Call range2 module
Call range3 module
Call range4 module
Call range5 module
Call output module
Call start over module

End Main Module

Input Module
Write, “employees first name”
Input first name
Write, “employees last name”
Input last name
Write, “employees gross salary”
Input gross salary

End Input Module

Call Salary Range Module

If gross salary < 1,499.99
Then Call range1 module
If gross salary > 1,499.99 and 2,999.99 and 4,999.99 and 7,999.99 and
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