It 206 Week 1 Checkpoint

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Week 1 Checkpoint

Write a 200- to 300-word response that answers the following: Based on the article by Nott (2008), what are some business uses for inserting a canvas within a Microsoft® Word® document? From these uses, propose a strategy that may help users overcome formatting issues.

After reading the article by Nott (2008), I have found the information in the article to be highly informational because I have never been through those activities before inside of Microsoft Word not once. As stated by Nott (2008), “A drawing canvas is particularly useful for annotating a picture with callouts, so here are a couple of tips on using these.” this makes life a lot easier to drag the Callout box off the Auto shapes menu in the Drawing Toolbar, although this doesn't seem possible in 2007. Second, spend some time getting your first callout formatted in the way you want, then right-click on it and Set Auto shape Defaults; subsequent callouts will assume the same formatting. If you forget to do this, as I often do, then you can use the Format Painter button to copy formatting from a good callout. A canvas can also be used to insert files rather than paste them directly onto a document. This helps to avoid some of the formatting issues that occur because text and pictures do not readily play nice together.

There are so many good strategies one can use to overcome these issues with inserting a canvas within a Microsoft Word document. A useful strategy that a user could use to overcome inserting canvas issues would be to strategize a certain text a user wants to use, also the type of document they would like to create. Of course for any beginner would need to be shown how to insert the canvas in a Word document and also add an image. I have seen a few different ways to add images to Word documents but the user needs to use what best fits their own abilities to be accurate on completing their assignment.
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