It/205 Key Computer Terms Checkpoint

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  • Published : November 21, 2011
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CheckPoint Key Computer Terms

Jeannevie Saastad

Axia College

Term| Definition| References| Examples (At least two)|
Hardware| Physical parts of a computer system | | Monitor and mouse| Software| Computer programs that run or run on hardware|| Adobe, Norton| Data management technology| The software that enables one or a company to store, organize and retrieve information.|,2542,t=data+management&i=40806,00.asp#fbid=nZx74V0hwEX| Microsoft Access, Re-Pros| Networking | Having more than one computer connected to each other|| LAN party, intranet, extranet| Telecommunications| Instantaneous communication|| Telephone, Instant Messaging| Technology services| Any service involving technology| of Management Information Systems, Eighth Edition, by Kenneth C. Laudon and Jane P. Laudon.| Systems administration, Tech support| Personal digital assistants| A handheld computer|| HP Jornada/iPAQ, Palm Pilot| Personal computers| AKA PC, typically includes a tower, monitor, mouse and key board|| Lap top, HP Pavillion| Servers| Gives information to computers connecting to it.|| Web Server, LAN server, server farm| Supercomputers| Fast processing, high performance...
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