"It's a Good Business" by Solomon

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  • Published : November 15, 2010
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Summary of It’s Good Business
The author Robert Solomon argues that ethics has to an integral part with regard to business management. He does not believe that business management must include unethical or illegal methods to be able to succeed. Solomon preaches that business management is not as simple as obtaining revenue. “Businesses need to abide by fair policies and their owners have to be ethical in dealing with their customers” (Shaw p. 37). The author acknowledges that while illegal practices in business management could bring positive results at first, eventually the business is bound to fail. This is why Solomon recommended eight important policies that can help businesses in integrating ethics into their operations. Solomon mentions that unethical practices can destroy the business and its employees. Once the authorities are able to detect and stop these illegal activities of businesses, they get basically humiliated in front of the public. Their unethical practices are revealed along with the people responsible for these unacceptable acts. The problems do not stop here. The customers that they victimized would begin filing formal complaints and cases against the business owner and their employees. The lives of these people would never be the same again as they face the embarrassing consequences of their illegal activities. The typical perspective of businesses that business and ethical practices cannot be integrated is something that is being disapproved by Solomon. He believes that it is definitely possible for business management and ethics to coexist within the business organization, but it depends on the willingness of the company’s commitment to avoid getting involved with illegal transactions and practices. Solomon also emphasizes that illegal practices slowly destroy the integrity of the business. As a company becomes corrupted, there is a possibility that the employees will become corrupted as well. The unethical activities eventually become a...