It's Only Me

Topics: Columbine High School massacre, The Reader, English-language films Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: May 8, 2013
“It’s only me”

“It’s only me”, is an article brought on April 7th 2008 in the magazine “TIME” by Nancy Gibbs. The themes of the article are bullying and school shooting. Nancy Gibbs uses a special language to tell how big the problem bullying is, and what it can result if schools and parents do not speak with their children, and if they do not know anything about their behavior and situation at schools. Nancy Gibbs’ purpose with her article is to that people should focus on, which consequences bullying in length can have if nobody, does anything to stop the problem. And in that what, it has created much debate. The article is a direct warning to everyone, and mostly parents. “The one thing that nearly every school shooting has in common is the chorus of parents declaring that “I never thought it could happen here.”” (Nancy Gibbs p. 2) This quote tells us that it is the attention of every parent Nancy Gibbs looks for. But of course both the schools and the students are mentioned in the article. Nancy Gibbs engages the readers by using serious examples from the episode at Columbine, and by mentioning the age of the persons. The examples make the text alive, and get the parents’ attention, so they wake up and take more care about their own children. The language in the article is very simple and everyday language. The sentences are short, which makes the text easier to understand. Nancy Gibbs uses many quotes, and again, it makes the text more alive to read. Nancy Gibbs just wants the reader’s attention and she need them to focus on the problems, which still are bullying and school shooting. The quotes are chosen so that the reader can put himself into the situation, and in that way, it is easier for Nancy Gibbs to make the reader feel and think about the problems. “No one thought I would go through with this” (Nancy Gibbs p. 2) this is a quote from a ‘normal’ girl after shooting a cheerleader, and therefore easier for Nancy Gibbs to tell that, no matter...
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