It's More Fun in the Philippines by Eldris Demeterio

Topics: Light rail, Philippines, Filipino people Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: September 13, 2012
A land full of steaming pot of culture that varies from one to another, Philippines has written quite an interesting adventure in the pages of history. A small country that owns a crowd of billion and submissively creates a wide range of traditions, is not a wealthy well progressed country to be considered; but still holds beauty and authenticity. In every corner of the country one can find a soundproof evidence why “It’s more fun in the Philippines”.

The first eye catcher in this country is the famous exotic foods sold in the busy streets. One can find the chicken intestine or commonly known as “Isaw”, the fried chicken blood known as “Betamax” and the chicken feet or also called as “Adidas”. These mentioned are only some of the list of street foods that vendors offer. This gives the idea about Filipinos’ love for food, because food has been easily accessed to the people. At the same time, it has shown the creativity innate in transforming a considered scrap of food to something mouth watery.

The next striking scene that can be found is the stuck up of numerous vehicle that causes delay and wastes time, or popularly known as “Traffic”. It has been a naturally accepted fact to each Filipino citizen, that it becomes an ordinarily ignored issue. Many would say that this is one implication of the corrupt system in the country; but in an extended point of view, I would say that this matter suggests that a lot of hard working Filipino men still exist.

The top notched from morning conversations among the students is superiorly about the Light Rail Transit (LRT). Same old situations are being experienced, only in the delivery of their story it strongly differs. The chaotic crowd eagerly pushing each other in order to get in the train, the stinking smell of perseverance in literal means is being shared inside the train, the hustled faces of people who kept looking at their watch, the false hope and irritating reaction of the crowd after an empty train skipped...
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