It's Good Business

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Morality Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: December 2, 2010
It’s Good Business: Robert Solomon
In “It’s Good Business”, Robert Solomon, a philosophy professor at University of Texas, explores the fundamentals and significance of practicing good business ethics in decision making. He tackles the correlation between understanding ethics and doing a better job, and the direct implications of not taking the value of right moral into account. In addition, he explicates the myth of amoral business. Lastly, he presents the three C’s of Business ethics and the eight essential rules for ethical thinking in business. In this essay, I will explain and cite examples why I agree or disagree with Robert Solomon’s point of views about business and business ethics. Some of his claims that I will discuss are “Good Ethics is Good Business”, “unethical conduct hurts business as a whole”, and “business is not fundamentally amoral or immoral. Business is not blind scramble for profits and survival but rather established practice with firmly fixed rules and expectations, and people in business are professionals”.

According to Robert Solomon, “Good Ethics is Good Business” and “unethical conduct hurts business as a whole”. I agree with his point of view because in the previous years, we have witnessed the fall down of the “big companies” due to their unethical practice. The demise of Enron, Adelphia Communications Corporation, WorldCom is an example that a business without good ethics will not exists for too long. I also agree that being aware of the 3C’s, which are Compliance, Contributions, and Consequences, is the best tool to define Good Ethics in Business. He used Break Breaker Inc. case to prove that unethical business strategy will lead to the quick demise of business. Break Breaker Inc. to some extent comply with legal rules, but failed to comply with principles of morality and community, contribute to the society by producing honest high quality services, and account the consequence of damaging their reputation. Internally, the...
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