It's All in the Interpretation

Topics: Macbeth, Characters in Macbeth, Three Witches Pages: 4 (1313 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Morgan Holmes
Professor Thrash
English 1101
Nov. 3, 2012

It’s All in The Interpretation.

The differences between Wright’s Macbeth and Goold’s Macbeth are so abundant that at times it is hard to believe that they are interpretations of the same play. Wright’s Macbeth, dubbed “Gangster Macbeth” by many, takes place in Melbourne, Australia. Goold’s Macbeth takes place during the World War II era in Soviet Russia. The female characters in Macbeth are interpreted very differently in Wright's Macbeth verses Goold's Macbeth. Their likenesses and differences impact how a viewer understands the show.

The first characters we get interaction with in Wright’s Macbeth are the Three Witches. Wright’s Witches are three beautiful red-haired schoolgirls, who in their first scene wreak havoc upon a graveyard. They knock down tombstones, stab the face out of an angel, and spray paint an angels face a very bloody red. Each witch does her own form of destruction. The Witches are almost feral at times, hissing at the camera with a wild gleam in their eyes. Then during the prophecy scene, which takes place during Macbeth’s drug trip, the witches are hallucinations. The witches are very sexualised, flirting and seemingly fighting over Macbeth’s attention while delivering their prophecy to the drug and alcohol addled Macbeth. The next time we see the witches in Wright’s Macbeth, they are in the nude. Macbeth finds the three witches brewing a foul potion, which he partakes in with them, then interacts with them sexually. The items they use to brew the potion are many and all very disgusting. It is clear that Wright very much wanted the viewer to see the three witches as classic witches. To someone who has only seen this Macbeth, they may see the witches as sexual characters, women on the screen with no real purpose other than to be ogled. Their very representation in Wright’s Macbeth is ultimately sexual. Schoolgirl clothing costumes are a very well known and used sexualised...
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