It's All About Love

Topics: Love, Marriage, Emotion Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: December 9, 2012
One not always marries the person that loves, in most cases people marry the one that is best for them, financially. This shoud not be like this, people shoud marry the one they truely love, it should not matter if the person does not have the financial capacity to maintain one whole family, but he should be able to help out the most as he can. The wife should work too, but some think they should not no anything and let their husband do everything to maintain the family balance. Tita is tempted to go for Dr. Brown, but this temptation should not come in the way impeding her to be with the one that she is really in love with, Pedro. Should Tita choose Dr. John Brown, the one with a good career or Pedro, the one she truely loves?

Tita loves Pedro. Love is the most powerful force on Earth, one that makes two people fall in love, accept all of the partner’s errors and be there in great and worst, sick and health and always be there when they need eachother. Love has the cappacity of the gratest creation in the world, a child, inside its mother’s womb. There is no more beautiful feeling to carry a baby inside, and knowing it is yours. When being in love, people feel like walking on air, floating through space, that feeling when that person walks in to a room. This is how Tita feels whenever she looks at Pedro or when she thinks about him, she is just excited to see him, even if it is in her mind. She cannot imagine herself with other man other than him, no one else will make her feel as he does, in love. The perfect man does not have to be the richest man on Earth, he just needs to be the one who one really loves with all their heart and the one they need to keep on with their lives.

In the other hand, Dr. John Brown is not the one Tita loves, therefore there are no reasons why she should marry him. John does not make Tita feel what Pedro does, if this is not happening then true love does not exist between both of them. Love does not work when only one is...
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