It’s Better to Live in an Anonymous City Than in a Close-Knit Village.

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  • Published : November 7, 2011
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It’s better to live in an anonymous city than in a close-knit village.

Nowadays many people move to big cities in order to start a new life. People argue about which is the better choice, living in the big anonymous city or living in the close-knit village. Those who enjoy living in the city will ridicule those who enjoy the rural lifestyle, and vice versa. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to both styles of living. Living in city is not everybody cup of tee. Adventages of living in the anonymous city are that there are more conveniences and everything you could possibly want is more easily attainable. There are more jobs, stores, and schools. There are more forms and places of entertainment, hospitals and other health facilities. Overall, just simply more of everything. What is more, such city gives you more possibilities to develope your skills. As I mentioned before big city offers you more schools, courses, interesting clubs and places where you can do your hobby. In villages there are often only primary schools which do not give you an easy way to escalate. Moreover, cities allow to feel more anonymous so you do not have to worry about other peoples opinion of your behaviour. Thanks to that you are able to act more comfortable and you are not affraid of yours neighbours point of view as you feel in villages where your neighbours know nearly everything about your private life. Futhermore, big city states for lots of people who live in it. It is easier to find new friends and definitely we can make friendships faster and efortlessly. We are not closed in a small group but we can find always some to spend time with. On the other hand, living in anonymous city steals our precious time and we do not have enought of it for anything. We run and do many things simultaneously and as a result we do not have time for living life and we feel lonely. Close-knit village let us live a cosy, slow life without any stres. Additionally, we lack time for...