Isuues with Gangsta Rap

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  • Published : March 13, 2008
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Gansta Rap is another form of music and a form of entertainment for our generation today. Placing blame on the artist for creating music as a living, and blaming societal problems on the lyrics they have is not solving the issue, but creating more conflict. Rap music has always been, and will continue to be a controversial issue within society. The main issue is that Gangsta rap has a negative effect on society, and many people believe that Gansta rap is the cause of violent outbreaks. After reading the article, "Colorado Police Link Rise in Violence to Music," from the New York Times, I am undecided on what the real problem is. I am undecided because I believe that the gangsta rap music is influential to many individuals and I also believe that simply because one listens to a certain type of music, does not mean it is the music's fault that crime continues to prevail. Gangsta rap music is a powerful type of music because it is influential to all age groups. Society is surrounded by the message it sends, and is also influenced to follow the message because it has become common place. However in its defense, I listen to gansta rap, and I have not gone out and committed any crimes, or tried to influence others to commit crimes. The real problem is people are too influenced by the media, what they hear and what they see. Gangsta rap is a genre of music, however the influence it has upon the younger generation is it makes them believe that being a gangsta, having a gun and demeaning women gives the power and authority. I feel as though if night clubs and bars ban rap music from being played, there will be no change. Rap music will still exist and individuals will still listen to the music at their own free will. According to The Daily Collegian Online, "Those young people who have faulty parenting or no parenting at all are particularly vulnerable to the influence of negative rap (gangsta rap)" (Washington Post). Without parenting, a problem exits for young black...
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