Isu Verbal Visual Essay

Topics: Black people, Negro, Slavery Pages: 3 (1288 words) Published: May 28, 2011
ISU Verbal Visual Essay!
Theme: Escape to freedom
“Perhaps it was true. Maybe Allah lived only in my land, with the homelanders. Maybe he didn’t live on the toubabu’s ship or in the toubabu’s land. I said nothing.” (Page 86) Aminata was eleven years old at the time. She was stuck on the ship with now where to go. Captured by the toubabu, she felt that she would never escape to freedom. She felt very desperate, to the point where she started to disbelieve in her lord, the almighty god that her father prayed towards, and felt that she should too. This proves to us the state the captives were in at the time they were captured. Whenever she would try to praise Allah, a toubabu would strike her from the back and knock her on the floor. Aminata was very diligent and never thought that her right to pray and follow her religion would ever be taken away from her, but now away from Bayo, she had nothing-not even her freedom-. Reading between the lines in the quote, Aminata has been calling onto her lord seeking for his help. She believed that no man could help her out of this situation, but also believed that the god that created all mankind could help her. She felt hopeless when situations were only getting worse, instead of getting better. She believed her lord would become her saviour, as she was one of the very few on the ship who followed the religion of Islam. Meena was heartbroken and felt down because in time she needed help, no one came for her. Moment after moment, things were getting worse and she was hopeless, thinking to why this was happening. “Got a slave mama, then you is slave. Got a slave daddy, then you is slave. Any nigger in you at all then you is slave as clear as day” (Page 134) This quote emphasizes the input society has on black Negros. We can see that in the quote you would be marginalized and pushed away from society from the slightest nigger aspect in you. It follows you as far back as your ancestors. You are held...
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