Issues vs Personalities

Topics: The Saturdays, Money, Payment Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Issues VS Personalities: One recent situation from my life that I feel is a good example of this was a business dealing between my boss and a company we sub-contract for. The issue was that we had done about a million dollars worth of work for them but they hadn’t pain my boss for the work. My boss, with his strong personality, stopped all work until they could come to a payment agreement. The owners of the other company had the same type of personality as my boss so the payment arrangement wasn’t an easy thing to agree upon between the two parties. Once the two came to realize that it was in the best interest of both the parties, an agreement was made and the payment issues were cleared. Interests VS Positions: Again, the same situation from above would pertain to this as well. The interest of my boss was getting the money that was owed to him. The interest of the contractor we were doing work for was continuing the work without coming to a repayment agreement first. Once the discussions started, they both soon realized that if they came to an agreement, both of their interests could be served. If they did not, they would both lose the contract and it wouldn’t matter what each of their positions on the matter were. Options VS Proposals: Pertaining to the above situation, the options of my boss were to either pay him his money or he was shutting the job down until that happened. After hearing my boss’s options, the contractor came to him with different proposals to try to reach an agreement so the work could continue. In my eyes, proposals are a type of result to options. Standards VS Power: In this situation, the standard my boss was basing his issue on was mutual gain, legal requirements, practice and professional standards. With these standards behind him he ended up holding the majority of the power in the meetings that were had between the two parties.
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