Issues That Affect College Students

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November 1, 2011

We all know someone who is attending college. There are lot of issues

that affect college students. One of them is money. In order for college students

to succeed, they need to have enough money to take care of their bills including

tuitions. If we dont have money to take care of our bills, we will be worry and

stress out which will eventually makes us to be unfocus during class time. So it

is important for a college student to always have enough money to take care of

their bills.

In order for us college student to succeed in school. It is very inportant

we attend all our classes and be on time because we only have couple days that

are acceptable to miss during a regular semester. By being late or missing a

class will lead to us missing class lectures which is always important for a

student success.To do that we will also need money for a reliable transportation

to get us on campus. whether you are driving your own car or using public

transport, it require money to buy gas for your car or pay bus or train fare.

We also need money to pay our rent or mortgage every month. By having

money to pay our rent will give us a safe and confortable place to look forward

comng to after a long day on campus. If we dont have money to pay our rent

will affect our behavior and participation during class time. Instead of us

listenning to our professors lectures or taking down imporant notes, we will be

worring about where we going to studey and sleep after school.

Being healthy is also very important for a college student to succeed in

school. By having enough money we will be able to sign up for the best medical

doctors in our neighborhood. By having a good and recognizable doctor we will

be able to have the best medications and diets for our health. our doctors will

also encourage us to...
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