Issues on the Greater San Jose Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Issues on the Greater San Jose Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Issues on The Greater San Jose Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Olga Enciso, the president of the Greater San Jose Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GSJHCC,) was interviewed by phone on November 18th of 2012, discussing the issues she faced and how they were addressed during her tenure. The issues will include some irregularities in the funding process management within the chamber of commerce prior to Mrs. Enciso presidency, and also the misleading operations of services and membership within the mission of the chamber of commerce. In addition, topics of leadership, background and mission within the GSJHCC will be addressed, as well as Mrs. Enciso background prior her involvement at GSJHCC, and her functions as president will be covered. GSJHCC is a non-profit California organization founded in January 2003.  GSJHCC’s purpose is to provide programs and services that enable its members to do business globally.  GSJHCC is comprised of micro, small, medium and multinational businesses from different nationalities throughout the United States and the world.  GSJHCC has contributed in creating an atmosphere for entrepreneurs and small business owners to take their business to an international level and create jobs for communities and wealth for themselves. GSJHCC does so by providing training and networking opportunities. (GSJHCC, home) The members of GSJHCC run the board of directors of the chamber.  Individual members are selected to the board by general vote of the membership during the annual elections in January.  The leadership is comprised of three major groups, the board of directors, the advisory board and the executive committee.  All the members of the leadership of the chamber are volunteers.  The maximum number of seats on the board is 23. (GSJHCC, about our members) During this interview, I explored the affairs activities of the Hispanic chamber of commerce in San Jose. Their functions...
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