Issues on International Marketing

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  • Published : August 12, 2012
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Current Issues in International Marketing Management

Jan Napoleon Saykiewicz, Ph.D.

Duquesne University A.J. Palumbo School of Business Administration John F. Donahue Graduate School of Business

Submitted for The International Conference Innovation in Management Poznan University College of Business and Foreign Languages June 29-30, 2006 Poznan, Poland

Current Issues in International Marketing Management

Contemporary international, multinational, or global marketing managers frequently discuss challenges and problems related to the events taking place in the international markets. They express a lot of concern for current business developments and how to succeed in a turbulent global marketplace. As the history of business indicates, it was rather unusual that the marketplaces were not turbulent. However contemporary developments, changes and rivalries emerging from the global marketplace of today result in quite unusual challenges. The greatest challenge business is facing today is the management of change. It seems obvious that no product or service is likely to remain relevant forever and that leadership, in most cases, is transitory and very often short-lived. This refers not only to business but also to politics, as well as to many concepts and approaches in academe. Another challenge is the search for and creation of distinct competences. The global marketplace produces new customer needs and wants, while the emergence of new technologies contributes to the development of new products and services. In the search for distinct competences, the managers need to apply a dynamic approach to management development while trying to develop managerial ideas, concepts, and strategies effective in the future. Effective response to changing market requirements, competitive conditions and customer preferences requires specific managerial actions. International managers try to anticipate emerging technology changes, market requirements and customer preferences and proactively seek ways to gain advantage over competition. Building competencies and capabilities that help to gain sustainable competitive position is an important element of the management of change in the international marketplace. To keep pace with the sometimes rapidly changing environment leaders in business, politics, and academe face the constant challenge of altering their thinking. The concept of management development encompasses the idea of developing a global managerial mindset for the advantage of organizations participating in the creation of the global marketplace since it is obvious that managerial thinking influences strategy formulation and implementation. And last but not least, one of the great challenges of today is building a knowledge-based organization. Knowledge is a key source of competitive advantage. The ability to acquire, store, retrieve and utilize information and knowledge contributes to the creation of distinct competencies. Management development acknowledges the fact that the business world becomes increasingly knowledge-intensive and highlights the importance of organizational learning. Business and governmental organizations have a lot to learn, jut to be able to deal with current problems of changes in the energy market, the loss of manufacturing jobs in leading industrial countries due to outsourcing, unanticipated consequences of outsourcing, growing need for raw materials, changes in export/import structure of emerging economies, shifts in regional balance, and last but not least international trade problems created by genetically modified crops. All of that creates the demand for new types of marketing managers prepared to deal with the challenges of new international and global marketing management.

Addressing the issue of management of change there is a need to discover, analyze and understand current and also future trends that emanate from the environment in which organizations function. “Unlike the...
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