Issues of the Elderly

Topics: Middle age, Old age, Sociology Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: January 16, 2012
1. Age stratification theory comes from the functionalist perspective. In a functionalist perspective the shared rules of behavior and the expectations for a certain behavior in a social situation both come together and shape an individual's behavior. Age stratification theory is a term where society a society provides older people with certain roles to play and with expectations about acitivity in later life. In sum age stratification theory states that norms are an aspect of how, when, and why a person ages as they do. This theory does however, have some limits. Age stratification theory looks at people as one big group instead of as seperate people or as individuals. It fails to include things such as the gender and/or race of the person which can and sometimes will influence a person. Instead age stratification theory assumes that society is all the same and experience much of the same things, when in fact we all know is incorrect. It needs to be made clear that people from all over the world can be in the same cohort but have completely different experiences in their lifetime. Secondly, age stratification theory does not discuss issues that could arise between different social groups. One example would be the battle over economic resources, such as the spending of social security programs for the elderly versus giving federal aid to those families with young children. There is a theory that older people are thought of as burdens to both their famiies and the health care system, which allows people to instantly feel remorse for the younger groups. Lastly, the age stratification theory needs to look at how an individual is affected by societal impact, not just how society effects the individual. In the United States age cohorts go as follows: old age, middle age, young adulthood, adolescene and childhood. The cohort emphasizes that each individual in a particular age group go through the same life courses and events in their lifetime. As i stated before this...
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