Issues of Group in Iium

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Dr. Faridah Abdul Malik

Section 50

A Study on IIUM Students on the Issues of Group Workings

Saiful Bahri


Under organizational behavior comes group behavior, how individual behave when working in group. This paper examines the posible errors that can be found in tasks done in group. The result showed that some of the errors are done on purpose due to laziness of IIUM students. Although, these students are aware of what causes the problems and what they should avoid to have a free-problem group work but they still manage to do them, either intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, in reminding them, some ground rules and peer assessment should be adapted in each group.

Keywords: free-rider, teamwork, miscommunication, and time management.


Organizational behavior is the study of individuals and the behaviors they have within an organization and in a workplace setting. It is an interdisciplinary field that includes sociology, psychology, communication and management (Organizational Behavior Introduction, Catherwood Library). Group behavior is a part of the organizational behavior in which it falls under the interdiciplinary field of sociolagy, how individual work in small or large groups. Group behaviour differs from mass actions which refers to people behaving similarly on a more global scale while group behaviour refers usually to people in one place and having a coordinated behaviors. The members in a group should each be interdependence (depends on other member’s output as well), have social interaction (there should either be verbal or non-verbal communication), have a perception of a group ( agreeing that they are a part of a group) and mush have common in purpose (to achieve the same goal).

Working in groups have their advantages, one of them being, having a collective set of ideas. Having many people working on the same work allows the work to get not only your input but also from others in the group. This increases the quality, reliability and validity of the work. Although, problems may arise as well, as individuals have their own behaviors and may not be compatible with other people, and that then will effect the quality of your group work’s output.

The purpose of this research paper is to investigate the possible errors that can be found in tasks done in groups. In details, the objectives that i want to reach is:

1. to understand how miscommunications can happen in a group among the IIUM students,

2. to determine whether IIUM students work together when given a group assignment,

3. to understand how time becomes a big constraint when working in groups among the IIUM students.

Some terms that may be found in this paper are free-riders, teamwork, miscommunication, and time management.

• Free-rider

A person that is in a group but not doing any work but still get rewards and benefits from the work done.

• Teamwork

The collective work that members in a group put in to accomplish the assignment (task/job) that is given to their group. Each one of them gives contribution and work together in harmony in doint the work.

• Miscommunication

When the members are not interacting among each other in doing the work, each are working separately, not knowing the growth of their work and not refereing to one another when one has reached a dead end with their work.

• Time management

The way that a person manages or allocate their time in doing specific things in terms of whether they are on-time or not.


Working in groups are complicated because one has to adapt to all behaviors of the group members and if one cannot adapt, problems will start to rise. Some students are used to working alone all the time, therefore they will have difficulties in working in group. They will have to listen to other’s ideas, accept them,...
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