Issues in Human Resource for Kudler Fine Foods

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  • Published : July 16, 2008
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Issues in Human Resource: Kudler Fine Foods

Today many companies are enduring the challenge of hiring, training, and retaining employees. Globalization has raised the demand to acquire talent that matches the need of organizations. Labor pools abroad are starting to create a job market where average American salaries are far less with the competition. As the baby boomers defer retirement the worker supply is projected to become smaller. Many workers now are opting to have more of balance between leisure activity and work. Skilled workers are at a minimum. A large swing in the attitude toward work of the current generation has been very poor. Finally, many companies are experiencing high employee turnover rates as workers are jumping jobs to find better pay or benefits.

Kudler Fine Foods has good plan in place, but will face some challenges to its human resource efforts. First Kudler has a plan that demonstrates that they practice “hiring within”. In most cases this is a common practice to hire someone that has started and learned the operation from the ground up. The issue of whether or not this or these individuals are quality managers is a variable that will only show once there in that position. Secondly, with the amount of time it could take someone to be promoted within, Kudler will the fall prey to the employee leaving the company. Many companies will have to deal with Generation Y and their lack of loyalty when leisure time is challenged by working long hours (Goldsmith, 2008). Last, Kudler’s pay for performance may lead to slight issues down the line. Issue 1: Hiring and promoting

There are several key disadvantages of Kudler promoting within for managerial positions. Although general workers will have knowledge of the company’s practices, they may not have the necessary skill set to manage a division or store branch. This is when you should consider hiring externally based on the need for a highly qualified person. For example, with...
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