Issues Faced by Karaoke Industry

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  • Published : October 7, 2011
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Issues faced by Karaoke Industry

1.Negative perception towards karaoke industry

Many people assume that karaoke place is a bad premise to visit. They believe that karaoke place is a place for socializing, sexual activity, taking drug as well as alcohol and holding many bad activities. For example, some karaoke places offer the services of young ladies who will keep the customers entertained by singing to them and provide sexual services. Besides that, people refuse to enter karaoke centre because they worried that this place maybe selling drugs. For instance, drug dealer may come to you to sell his stuff and persuade you to buy them. In addition, they believe that all of karaoke premises look like a disco situation in such a way that the premise has large space for dancing and lighting systems. Furthermore, most of the karaoke premises are in dark environment. People always relate the dark environment with a disco and therefore refuse to visit karaoke premises. They also think that karaoke places are crowded and noisy. Apart from that, people also think that karaoke place is expensive to visit and only for riches. This negative perception causes some karaoke places to face losses. In our community, elderly people seldom visit karaoke centre is because of this perception.

2.Technological Forces

Customers nowadays prefer to get entertained as fast as possible without having the need to go to any entertainment places such as karaoke, lounge, pub and etc. Hence, they tend to use IT facilities for karaoke through the internet online streaming in some websites such as YouTube and Karaoke Channel Online. Apart from it, with the current technological forces, customers can also download some of the karaoke songs illegibly. Both of these online streaming and download method enable the individuals to sing along using their personal computers or notebooks. Besides that, customers can also use other alternatives such as mobile handsets to sing along. This...
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