Issues Effecting the Elderly

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  • Published : November 1, 2010
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Issues Affecting the Aged
Jacqueline Lopez
BSHA 342
University of Phoenix

Issues Affecting the Aged
From the time of infancy through the late stages of adulthood physical, psychological and cognitive changes occur. Before one is born the aging process has begun, although each person’s changes occur at different times, these changes occur in stages. Reaching late adulthood comes with rewards and problems; some of the problems that adults in the late stage of life encounter are decline in mental and physical health, coping with the idea of death and with the coping death of a loved one. There are many social and cultural factors that impact how an elderly person copes with the changes of the last stage of life.

Biological Changes
Aging leads to deterioration of the external and internal body; aging causes memory loss, organ problems, bone and cardiovascular diseases, as well decreased brain functions. Deterioration is inevitable but one can reduce the negative impacts of aging by living a healthy lifestyle through a well balance diet and exercise. According to Berk (2010), the physical changes that occur in the human body are nervous system changes, sensory system changes, cardiovascular and respiratory changes, immune system changes and the physical and mobility changes. When the nervous system is impacted changes occur in the brain occur, the brain weight declines loosing the brain neurons that impact balance and coordination (Berk, 2010). Elderly adults that experience deteriorations of the nervous system often use canes, walkers or wheel chairs to move around because of lack of stability. Without the assistance of the walkers and the canes the elderly can risk bodily harm by falling. Sensory changes cause loss in vision and possibly blindness, hearing, taste and smell and touch. Although deterioration is inevitable slowing down the process and preventing many of the problems aging brings can be achieved by having effecting coping...
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