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Lisa Delpit brings the phrase “culture of power” to our attention; she suggests that schools across America are caught in this tug of war of not knowing how to educate children from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Delpit goes on to say that a “culture of power “exists in our school system which tunes it out or what she refers to as the “silenced dialogue”. She states in her book that educators are only concerned how white teachers can educate children of color more specifically Black and Native Americans (Delpit, pg 23) and not on how they can educate all students to create a utopian society where everyone belongs. The” culture of power” according to Lisa Delpit comprises of five aspects the first’ is issues of power are enacted in classrooms’ what this means is that there is a struggle among the teacher in the classroom on how to teach students of color. There is power in choosing the right textbook so that students can understand it, creating the right curriculum, the power over students on whether they are “intelligent or normal”, and their socio economic status and with that schools automatically believe that children of color bring with them that baggage, and cannot be taught to succeed beyond their economic status. I believe that schools should be accountable and they need to meet the needs of their students, if they want their students to be successful. Delpit states this in her book: These issues include: the power of the teachers over the students; the power of the publishers of textbooks and of the developers of the curriculum to determine the view of the world presented” (Delpit, pg 24). Mongroo 3

The second aspect that Lisa Delpit talks about in her book is the codes or rules for participating in power; that is there is a “culture of power” meaning how one speaks, writes, and dresses will determine how well they perform in school. Delpit I believe states that when teachers and other professionals take away...
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