Issues Concerning Inmate Population

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  • Published : November 22, 2010
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Sexual coercion is a problem in the correctional institution on so many levels. With many inmates in the correctional institution expressing their sexuality either violent or innocuous, other inmates just simply don’t fight when they become the sexual object of another inmate. Factors that appear to increase sexual coercion are understaffed officers, racial conflict, inadequate security, and many inmates incarcerated for crimes against other people. The main inmates that are at risk are non gang affiliated inmates, convicted of sexual crimes and so on. It becomes a huge problem when prison administrators look the other way or dare not even want to look at the facts or admit it could be happening.

There are many problems that can be posed by having mentally ill, elderly, and minority inmates. Having elderly inmates age 55 years or older, there can be many things that can happen to them from having cancer, high cholesterol, and diabetes to name a few. Without having any wellness programs in place it doesn’t help the inmates stay strong and function independently. It is also costing a lot more money over time by not having a wellness program in place.

The mentally ill inmates are often violent and dangerous to their selves as well as others. Some mentally ill inmates require a lot of high security, and housed with other

offenders who commit a equally serious offense and that can’t be too safe for the mentally ill patients. Due to lack of funds for the prisons, most mentally ill patients aren’t given medication to treat them while they are incarcerated and that can cause major issues down the line. Although many states have developed programs for mentally ill patients, it’s a challenge for the correctional administrators to maintain a viable program to treat and control mentally ill patients. Minorities make up a large percentage of the criminal justice and correctional systems. High numbers of minorities in the correctional system are the cause of...
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