Issues around IVF

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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Issues around IVF

This assignment with focus on IVF and will than define the term IVF. It will follow on looking at issues around IVF. It will also briefly touch catholic debates on IVF and the feminist view on IVF. Furthermore it will define utilitarianism and link it to IVF. Thus it will look at Kant’s theory and how that relates to IVF.

There are some women who can’t get pregnant and have to go through In vitro fertilization (IVF) in order to have a baby. IVF involves an egg cell that being removed from the women’s ovaries which is then fertilised with a sperm. In order to see whether the embryo is develops a record is kept once it is place in the women’s womb. However as it’s not something guaranteed a 100 per cent and it doesn’t always end up in pregnancy. Although “over 30,000 couples receive infertility treatment each year in the UK” (J.Herring, 2008: P-315), IVF isn’t offered to everyone. In 2004 around 10, 175 children were born through IVF and in some cases the sperm was donated. IVF is offered to women aged 23 to 39 which have had fertility problems for three year of more. Couple who don’t have any children are more likely to be offered this treatment (NHS, 2011).

Shapp (2009) states that the three cycles of IVF are not being provided to the service users. Thus a number of ‘Primary care trusts’ are found not to be providing patients with IVF treatments recommended by NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence). Therefore Cameron and the Labor party believe that changes such as making sure there is a male role model before perusing IVF is important. Furthermore Cameron believes that in order to tackle this issue of ‘postcode lottery’ children’s needs should come first.

Another issue around IVF is the fact it’s an expensive treatment which is costing the NHS around £3000 to £5000 per cycle and privately this treatment would cost £8000 per cycle (J.Herring, 2008: P-322). Making the need for more fundings around IVF,...
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